Be it an Aussie
or one of the many herding breeds
Or like Tess, herding breeds love to work no matter what the weather...
They all are willing partners to man.

             Rocky Mountain
              Stockdog              Association 

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The Rocky Mountain Stockdog Association was formed in the Fall of 2009, with the primary objective of the organization being to promote all breeds of herding stockdogs and to maintain these dogs as they had originally been bred to be.

The founders of the organization are dedicated to developing good stockmanship and well-rounded dog/handler teams.  The ideal team is one that can work in practical, real-life situations, and that is useful on the farm or in competition. 

These goals will be accomplished by providing a venue for seasoned as well as novice herding enthusiasts through educational opportunities, clinics, workshops, and sheep and cattle trials for all levels of handlers and dogs.  We will also offer learning through fun days, lessons with professional handlers, and volunteer opportunities. 

The association's website will offer a forum for marketing dogs, livestock, and herding-related supplies.  In addition, we will provide a database for assisting with placement of rescue herding-breed dogs.  There will also be a calendar of events with the latest news about what is going on in our area and around the state and the country. 

We welcome your involvement and input as we build our new organization.  Please join us in this adventure!

We are an official 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.  This will allow us to accept donations from businesses and individuals, apply for grants, and expand our base to be able to offer additional programs, trials, fun days, and other educational activities relating to all things Stock Dogs!

Promoting all breeds of herding stockdogs.

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